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(a little horrifying, huh?)

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Here's a little background on me in the usual bio third person:


Oscar comes from a dysfunctional (but loving) Latinx family, a proud first-gen lots of things blending his Central/South American lineage into a fun sense of humor -- as if joking about things was the only way to process life...

From an early age, Oscar realized the impact laughing has in building community as he navigated lots of siblings, family members, and the nuances of his cultural identity. After being the first in his family to graduate college, where he found sketch comedy, Oscar made the journey to LA -- mostly to keep family on their toes as to "what exactly is he doing there?"

Currently, Oscar is an Associate Writer for Phineas and Ferb at Disney TVA. Previously, he was a Writers Assistant for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney+) and Script Coordinator for Gordita Chronicles (HBOMax). Represented by George Collins, Oscar's goal is to tell meaningful stories that break stereotypes, be a supportive collaborator, and make his family proud -- all through heartfelt comedic writing. 

Having fun is the goal!

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